In 2021, a few thoughts of the company's director
In 2021, a few thoughts of the company's director
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First, do you need to know if you are a "doer" or a "planner"?

For a game maker, everything is for my own use, and everything is not for my own.Everything -- houses, cars, stocks, salaries, businesses, equity -- is just his tool.Their aim is not to own them entirely, but to use them.They will increase their value by renewing, turning over, redeeming, etc., thereby pushing themselves higher and managing more resources.For example, in a movie, when you are watching a movie, someone else is betting on the box office.

We must see through the trend that everything in the future society has a clear attribution, a definite price, and can be used for commerce, including people's time, even people's emotions:

Everything has a clear ownership, everything belongs to it;

There is a price for everything, and they are clearly marked together;

Everything can be exchanged and traded anytime and anywhere;

In the future, all value can be quantified in terms of money.Assets can be quantified, ideas can be quantified, lives can be quantified, time can be quantified, even relationships can be quantified, these are clearly priced.

Can "labor" make money?Of course.But most of the value created by "labor" is taken away by those who do "exchange", so the working people have no merchants to earn money;

By the same logic, most of the value created by the "exchange" is taken by the people who do the "integration", so they don't make money by doing the industry.

That's the difference between doing and planning.Different dimensions lead to different results!

The process of doing the bureau is to make the bureau play a value-added effect through the allocation and optimization of resources.For example, graphite and diamond are both made of carbon atoms, but because of their different structures, they have very different values.Restructuring and consolidation sometimes have the same magic.

The essence of the Internet is the integration of space, because the Internet can break through the limitations of physical space.

The essence of finance is the integration of time, because finance can exchange space for time.

No matter how many resources you have in the future.What matters is how many resources you can integrate.In the future, a person's power will be determined by how many resources he can integrate.

Think of Zhuge Liang's arrow borrowed from the grass boat.He did not move a single soldier. He received numerous arrows from his opponent overnight, which was brilliant.

It is better to cross the river by boat than by boat.Remember that your goal is to cross the river.Don't put the cart before the horse in building a ship and a bridge.

The future is a society with more detailed division of labor.You can't do everything.You can only choose one area to be the best in.Then find the people who need cooperation, divide the interests, and form a community of interests with the people who cooperate, and share the interests and risks together.

Remember: the bigger your pattern, the more people you'll fit in.You can even integrate your opponents.The more you give away, the more people will pay for you.Although money scattered people gather, but as long as what things gather talent, you are afraid of no money in the future?