Don't understand how smart manufacturing comes from?
Don't understand how smart manufacturing comes from?
Release time: 2021-3-12 Views: 540

For a long time in the past, when it comes to intelligent manufacturing, we will find that there are many one-sided understandings of the fragmentation of intelligent manufacturing, which has caused many people to misunderstand intelligent manufacturing. Here we need to correct again:

1. Manufacturing itself is Know-How

    Whether it is traditional manufacturing or intelligent manufacturing, the core is still manufacturing. Manufacturing itself has a very long history. Manufacturing operations management, Taylor system, Deming circle, TPS, agile manufacturing, these are also Know-How, the Know-How of manufacturing. -How, manufacturing is an engineering (Engineering), how to make it the most economical is Know-How, which comes from process management personnel and quality engineering personnel with rich field experience.

If our foundation in this area is weak, then all technologies cannot be implemented on the ground.

2. Technology is inheritance, not fragmentation

    People like to separate smart manufacturing from traditional manufacturing, as if smart manufacturing is advanced. In fact, smart manufacturing is not advanced. Intelligent manufacturing is precisely because of individual needs, which makes it necessary to seek new intelligent technologies to help enterprises. It is even a compulsive behavior, because mass production is the most mature and reliable quality and intelligent manufacturing, and it is the continuation of manufacturing. This is a process. People have been looking for solutions for decades.

   There is also the separation of automation and intelligence. It seems that these two are independent. In fact, automation itself has been using new IT technology, re-developing it in combination with its own industry attributes, and integrating it into applications to solve problems. Intelligence itself is not a patent of so-called artificial intelligence. We have been working hard on this road to automation.